Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer engraving?

- Yes, we can engrave on most types of wood. Price is subject to type of wood and complexity of the design. Please submit a Custom Order in here.

Note: Please allow an additional 5-7 business days to fulfill engraved orders via the shipping method you select upon checkout.


What is the phone number for Pink Marmota?

- Our customer service phone number is: 540-618-6566.


What is the color variance of the wood?

- Wood shows its beauty in different and unique ways, each sheet of wood is distinct from each other and may vary in color.


Is nickel present in the earrings components of Pink Marmota?

- We only use nickel-free hypoallergenic earrings components made of stainless steel or sterling silver.


Can I request an order cancellation or order change?

- Orders cancellations are accepted within 24hrs of submission or before the work orders started. Email us for order status.


Are Pink Marmota earrings water-resistant? 

- Our earrings are made from 100% untreated All Natural Wood for a more natural look. The earrings are sealed and clear coated but exposure to water may result in damage to the earrings.


Is safe to wear Pink Marmota earrings? 

- We take great pride while creating every earring at Pink Marmota and at the same time we care about our friends health. We use non-toxic materials, water base stains and sealers to treat the wood, every earring is sanitized using an UV sterilizer and wiped with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

Custom Orders

Is there a minimum order size to customize?

- Earrings with size less that 5 mm (13/64") are not encouraged depending the design.


Can I choose one of your previous collections designs without making it a custom order?

- We strive to uniqueness and simplicity, although we own our designs, is recommended to not replicate past collections, send us an email and we can discuss the details.


How long does a custom order take?

- As small business company we manage each order individually and communication with our friends is very important. We ask for an additional 5-7 business days to fulfill custom orders via the shipping method you select upon checkout.


Can I make my own design?

- Sure you can, please send us an email an we can discuss the details. We encourage to be as specific as possible to offer you the best experience.

Note. We do not replicate trademarks, brands, copyright, or patented items.


How to know how much would be my custom order?

- Custom orders are priced individually according to the request, considering; design, type of wood, finish color, and or any additional request.


Does Pink Marmota price match?

- Our earrings are made by individual collections and we do not have third-party or retailer promos or sales.


What forms of payment are accepted?

-We accept, most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Venmo, by our Webshop or Cash for in-person deliveries.


Is my financial information safe with Pink Marmota?

- We use online payments systems like PayPal to process payments. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

Tips on how to care for your earrings!!!

Keep them dry

  • Wooden earrings are not waterproof and excessive moisture can cause them to warp or crack. Avoid wearing them in the shower or while swimming and try to keep them away from direct contact with water.


Store them properly

  • When not wearing your wooden earrings, store them in a dry and cool place. Avoid keeping them in humid areas such as the bathroom, as this can cause damage to the wood.


Avoid harsh chemicals

  • Wooden earrings are sensitive to harsh chemicals such as perfumes, hairsprays, and cleaning products. These substances can cause the wood to discolor or deteriorate. Be sure to apply any beauty products before putting on your earrings.


Clean them gently

  • To clean your wooden earrings, use a damp cloth and gently wipe them down. If your earrings are stained, be careful not to use oil on them as it can damage the stain.

Additional Questions?


Please contact us for any additional questions, Thanks for your support!